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BUNKER9 - Royce LaMontagne by wearetheakatsuki
BUNKER9 - Royce LaMontagne


EDIT: Look I got in~ I have stuff to fix but not tonight!

Also my art is all over the map lately idk

Royce LaMontagne




Height & Weight:
5'9" , 151 lbs

January 21st

Godly Parent:

Number of Years at Camp:

Year Rounder or Summer Camp:
Year Round


    STR: 3
    DEX: 4
    AGI: 4
    INT: 3
    VIT: 2

Celestial Bronze War Hammer - Tourist Keychain

Subtle Abilities:
Affect  : has the ability to radiate a light ambiance of pleasure and cheer. Generally, can lighten a mood.

Chlorokensis : passive ability,  really more of a 'green thumb'

Fatal Flaw:
Anger in addition to being susceptible to being very disappointed with himself and others. He's usually calm and easy going but once he's riled up he'll stew in his anger and likely hold a grudge afterwards.

Likes & Dislikes:

  +Movies, you name it he's probably seen it.
  +Caffeine, in any form he can get it really
  +Band/Pop Culture T-Shirts

   -Arid, dry heat.
   -Citrus, mostly the smell.
   -Fish and Amphibians slimy and gross
   -Sci-Fi movies


Royce is generally carefree and easy going. Can be quite sociable and charismatic. He has a pretty nihilistic outlook on life, often putting the most stock in success and love/relationships. Royce is independent but he does enjoy the company of others but doesn't need it. Extremely passionate and driven.

Royce often sees things as black and white, leaving no room for any gray area. Very opinionated and  can get stubborn. Although he doesn't look it, Royce is a perfectionist. He has very high standards for himself and the world. Royce knows how things ought to be and does his best to make sure the world lives up to it. He constantly tries to do and live for what is right. But he gets angry and disappointed when he or the world doesn't strive for perfection. He's really upset when he can't meet his own standards.


Royce grew up in Lafayette in New Orleans, it was always just him and his mom Phoebe.

Phoebe was always a free spirit, she wanted to be a novelist or travel the world-- something bohemian like that. Phoebe had met Royce's father one summer, she was 22 and decided to work on a cruise ship to see the world. It only took one cruise to fall head-over-heels-in-love with one of the ship's patrons and followed him to New Orleans when the ship docked. A few months later Phoebe was pregnant with Royce and the love of her life left them in Louisiana. When she had Royce she had let her dreams go. She worked one dead end job after another to make ends meet. She's been in a few relationships since then, but none of them have stuck.

Growing up Royce never felt more than ordinary, probably less than ordinary if anything. His grades were never good because he couldn't read or pay attention worth a damn. He wasn't even that good at making friends, he always seemed to make people smile or laugh but always chucked it up to being funny.

His teenage years with his mom where pretty rough. They fought a lot, he never understood her brooding protectiveness over him, he saw it as her not trusting him enough to make smart decisions, her vagueness about his father, during occasional yelling matches Phoebe would let slip things about being stuck in Louisiana because she had him that would only breed more yelling.

When he was 13 he and his mom got in a huge fight. Royce had gotten so upset he stormed out of the house to get some air. He was fuming, not paying attention and walked until he didn't recognize the streets. He was lost and noticed a shady figure that had been following him for a while. Royce ditched into an alley to lose it but the figure followed him, revealing itself as a monster. He only escaped by dodging into the trash heaps that littered the alley and getting the monster to impale itself. Royce was pretty freaked out to say the least, he called his mom to come find him. Phoebe did her best to calm her son and explain everything; his dad, the monsters, Camp Half-Blood and the following weekend Phoebe decided to take her son to the camp.

When Royce came to camp half blood his relationship with his mom was pretty tense, they write each other often, they've repaired a lot of their issues, he'll visit every once and a while.

Mother: Phoebe LaMontagne
        Aunt: Brooke LaMontange - He's met her like once.

Relationships: --

Beads Earned: --


- Has a creole accent. Know this because I will forget

- Bit of a pack rat, doesn't like getting rid of things even if they're old and ratty.

- Wears his septum piercing intermittently

- Always has stuff on his wrists

- Loves beanies. 

RP Methods I prefer lit, but I'll really match whatever my partner's doing. Uh preferably notes or Skype. I'll try to be in chat as much as possible but I am a college student. Send me a note if you want my skype!

Feeeed Me! by wearetheakatsuki
Feeeed Me!

I cannot be the only one who thinks Fanged Geranium is the wizarding equivalent of Audrey II. 

Anyways, so this is my part of an art trad with GeoCaecias They asked for Gawain being bad at Herbology and yea. Sorry it took me so long I had a really hard time coming up with a concept. Anyways I hope this is satisfactory Geo C:
First Thing's First I'm the Realest by wearetheakatsuki
First Thing's First I'm the Realest
Whoo Yule Ball! I really don't have too much to say aside from GIMP is a little bitch to get used to after being spoiled with Photoshop. 

I tried to make his outfit kinda Russian but I not sure how well that went. Valerii has the illustrious honor of being Lacie's escort. 


HSoRP Lacie Lancaster belongs to the one and only AprilDawson
Template Yule Ball 2014

Also someone should do the pallette swap meme with us.


wearetheakatsuki's Profile Picture
United States
:iconcommissionsopen: :iconrequestsopen: :icontradesopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

Groups I'm in/ interested in joining.

:icononceuponadreamrp: A fairy tale based rp group, where fairy tale characters have been reincarnated in the modern world. I plan on designing a modern Rapunzel and maybe another character, still undecided. They are accepting applications atm.

:iconstickoftruthoct: A South Park based OCT, open for applications. This is my child like please check it out. I'm working on an app for Sammie slowly but surely.

:iconthehungergamesoct: A Hunger Games based OCT, opening up in the next few months for the 44th Hunger games. I'll undecided between a female career or a outlieing district male.

:iconhogwartsschoolofrp: Pretty self explanatory. I currently have Venice in the group. It opens back up for enrollment in December.
I guess the last journal I made was mildly melodramatic so I felt it best to follow up. I went back to school and aside from missing the shit out of my dog I suppose everything is alright. I'm away from my step dad and honestly don't plan on interacting with him unless I have to, at least for a while. But the computer I was using is totally kaput. And my mom did very graciously give me another one to use, she said it was newer than the one I had been using but it runs on freaking Windows XP and doesn't have enough storage space to download PS so I am once again having to return to GIMP. And thats that with my computer situation. My brother's friend is building his own computer and said he'd give my brother his as soon as he finished and my brother said I could have the laptop he's using now but who know when that will be. 

As far as school is concerned I lost some of my scholarships and my tuition this semester is going to be twice as expensive as the last. So I reaally need a job and I'll try another go at commissions but no one ever seems to want anything to do with that so. 

Also I didn't make it into the hunger games OCT that I've participated in in the past which was disappointing to say the least, so I need some suggestions for groups to join! I was looking into :iconbunker9: but aside from the required time commitment, its also an amazing group and the slight hit my ego has taken makes me question if I would get in or not? I was also looking into :icongreenwing-academy: but I would also appreciate any suggestions as well!  
  • Mood: Neutral

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