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TLS|| Webs App by wearetheakatsuki
TLS|| Webs App

WARNING: This has a few bits vulgar language and a few offensive ideologies that are IN CHARACTER. If you have a problem with that don't read it because you won't like him and we probably won't get along well.


Name |
Cameron Lyles (Do not call him this, he will probably not give out his name)

Nicknames/Aliases | Webs

Age | 24

Height| Weight | 5'11" | 175 lbs

Scars| Tattoos| Piercings | 
       -Has a scar from a through and through sniper bullet in his left shoulder
       -Burn scar on right calf from the exhaust on his BMX bike
       -Small spider and web tattoo behind his right ear  
       -Both ears pierced once, left ear has two additional piercings 
       -Nose ring in left nostril
       -Piercings in both dimples

Birthday | March 25th

Zodiac Sign | Aries | Mars | Fire

Sex | Male

Sexuality | Straight

Personality | He's a 'lil bitch Webs is sour and is rotten to other survivors he meets, he doesn't trust easy and would rather work alone. He is bitter and whiny, he complains about everything even if it isn't an issue. He's very passionate and doesn't do anything half assed, but this apocalypse has beaten that out of him quite a bit. He is extremely reckless and impulsive. Very sarcastic and cynical, dry sense of humor, he thinks he's quite funny. Maddeningly Loyal, though he doesn't like company he'll always risk his own life for others. As the world continues to go to shit he gets more and more self destructive -rightly so. At this point he doesn't feel like surviving has been worth it, he's seen waves of friends and companions come and go but he feels like it would insult their memory to give up. A lot of his personality is a brutish exterior that's tough to get through but once it has been he gets easier to deal with.

Likes | Dislikes  
      +Bikes (motor bikes not bicycles) 
      +Speeding in any type of vehicle
      +Those Little Debbie's Cosmic Brownies He'd do anything for one of those puppies
      +Sinking a few bullets in rotting 'Z' flesh is also pretty cathartic 

      -Really religious/atheist people, their obnoxious and frankly, stupid. 
      -The Cold
      -Physical activity in general
      -Taking orders
      -Authority Figures, especially ones that remind him of his father
      -Being talked down to
      -Fucking Pepsi

Religious Beliefs |
Agnostic, He can't really stand people who are on the extremes of Religion or Atheism and assumes they're stupid.

Relationship Status | Widowed

Skills |  Agile and Studious, able to find the path of least resistance and get out out pinches as quick and quiet as possible. Skilled with a Sniper Rifle. Webs used to race BMX bikes, he knows how to handle bikes and most choppers and has minimal knowledge of mechanics.

Job Skills |  If you're gonna make him work he'd be best to go out on scavenging or recon missions.   

Favorite Weapon | Sniper Rifle (He had to ditch the last one when he ran out of ammo, it became too redundant to carry it around, a couple months back, he's always on the look out for another. 

Family |   All his close family is deceased. His father's situation is unknown, they have not spoken in years, he's assumed dead. 

Experience |  Webs got into quite a bit of fights during high school and a few years after, especially at the race tracks, so he's no stranger to scrapping (and just where to hit to crack an eye socket) but anyone would have to be pretty desperate to take on a 'Z' with their fists. 

Weapons |  All he has on him at the moment is his sub machine gun that he has dubbed "Old Faithful" that he's chained his old wedding ring on to, and a bent and bloody crowbar that's on it's last limb. 

Protection |  Little to none.  There's steel toes in those boots, he'd rather stay light and get the hell out of dodge. In a pinch he's resourceful enough to come up with something.  

Things In Bag | 
      -Ipod Nano 
      -Athletic Tape 

Backstory |  Webs grew up in and went to School in Scottsdale, Az. He was a single child and pretty damned spoiled, his family was in the upper middle class and they didn't go without. His father lost his job when Webs was fourteen and it tore the family apart. Webs' father started drinking and slipped into a deep depression, which led the parents to fight and eventually split. Webs choose his mother's side and hasn't spoke to his father since. Webs started acting out, failing his classes, fighting in school.

He started racing BMX when he was about sixteen, it gave him something to do and another way to get out his anger. He got his nickname Webs from the design on his bike, after his later success he tattooed the same design behind his ear. By seventeen he was sponsored and raced his bike all over the states.  Webs almost dropped out of school to only race bikes but in high school he met Liz. She was his high school sweetheart and the reason he stayed in Scottsdale. They engaged when they where eighteen, right out of high school. That was then, together they traveled and Webs raced his bike. Where ever they went Liz would get small jobs, with that money and the small pots Webs won they made a living.

They talked about settling down and finally wedding, starting a family when the outbreak started. 

During |  Webs and Liz were in California when the outbreak started hitting the big cities, of course the government claimed it was the reanimated, never calling them zombies but that's exactly what they were. They tore through the cites with ferocity. Liz and Webs called them "Z"s. They didn't have a plan just kept moving. They went home to Scottsdale to see if anyone survived  but no one was left. It was there that the "Z"s got Liz.

After that Web's wandered aimlessly, almost suicidal until he ran into another trope of survivors, Shock, Barrel and Beckham was what they called themselves. Webs wanted nothing to do with them, but they insisted that Webs stick with them. For a long while Webs didn't trust them and was nothing but cruel. Eventually he came to trust them and maybe even falling in love with Shock, who herself had also lost someone. The band stuck together for a while, they'd hulled up in an airport terminal for a while until a hoard of freakishly strong "Z"s found and cornered them, separating Webs and Barrel from the group.

Barrel was scratched and Webs put him down before he turned. He hasn't seen the rest of the group since but assumes the worst. Since then he has been moving east, surviving.  

Friends | TBA 

Misc. |
      -Midwestern Accent [Neutral Dialect not a Texan Accent, like NM and AZ Educate yourselves]
      -Smokes and Drinks and generally doesn't take care of himself so he has really low endurance

Rp Methods | Notes, Skype, Chatzy, Google Docs


Wow okay, I think that's all for now, let me know if anything's not okay. I added and reformatted the bio a bit, hope you don't mind. I also hope it's okay that I utilized half skill points, if not I can fix it. 

Recycling an old L4D oc 

click for full view I spent time on that puppy.

OH ALSO if you haven't check this group out I'm helping out over there a little plus who doesn't love zombies.


wearetheakatsuki's Profile Picture
United States
1. For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)

1. StoryRPArt I really love all her Ocs. 
Can You Feel My Heart by StoryRPArt 
Gryff is the one oc of hers that really stands out for me. I hate him and he gives me the creeps but he's a really, really interesting character!! But seriously Dawn is ever improving and sweet so go check out the sweetheart of my heart. 
2. GeoCaecias
Back-to-School by GeoCaecias
Gawain has to be my favorite, he's got such a cute personality and face. And really so much of my favorite pieces of Geo's art is of Gawain. 
  • Mood: Neutral

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